Wednesday, June 20, 2007

u.s.a. q and a

q: by what churchillian dudesque coinage does w self-identify?
a: commander guy.

q: through what unlikely anatomical and antigravitational method should iraqis improve themselves?
a: lift themselves up by their bootstraps.

q: in what inverse posture transference will u.s. troops engage?
a: we'll stand down when they stand up.

q: what militaristic come hither have we not heard lately from bush's syntactically challenged lips?
a: bring em on.

q: what koranic himmlerian hyphenation has similarly fallen out of use?
a: islamo-fascists.

q: what hub of malignancy is now never mentioned?
a: axis of evil.

q: by what slavic nickname do whitehousers grace a larger war?
a: surge.

q: what negative interrogatory and tattleless blending is losing favor?
a: don't ask, don't tell.

q: what armani-cocainian word combo dubs w's chief lipmover?
a: tony snow.

q: what tumescent sign tells a prostitute that her client is ready?
a: john boehner.

q: what is a child's description of a bad tasting popsicle?
a: maliki.

q: what medico-messopotamian-madisonian effort has clearly failed?
a: operation iraqi freedom.

q: what exclamatory zeronean urinary group is ruining america?
a: g.o.p.

q: what furry energy-charged orbs do democrats need to rediscover?
a: balls.

q: to which yonder location do you condemn this tiresome questionade?
a: so over.

q: in which direction should i now shut?
a: up.

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