Friday, July 20, 2007

money doesn't talk it swears

the american rich.

the sunday new york times graciously slaps us notes of their croesus overplus of buckos, their history, their gargantuan self-regard. their wealth just sorta happened in a lucky lottery ticket way.

get over your attitude that they are takers, rapers, greed fuehrers. no - good luck, puritan application and their inherent virtue won the day and the yachts.

just ask them about their virtue. "god gave me my money," croaks john d. rockefeller. andrew carnegie writes "the gospel of wealth." their money is holy. your dough is filth; theirs sits at the right hand of god. on their sistene ceiling god slips adam a platinum credit card.

carnegie squeezed the life out of his workers. that's ok - andrew dotted the dales with libraries.

frick was a prick. but willya look at his museum of goyas.

john d's legacy? you can watch the rockettes.

just ask them: the rich have civilized us. please kiss their tasselled loafers.

they dwell in their silver aeries, reward of their holiness. you cringe in a rip-off basement apartment because you suck. jesus ain't put the healing touch on your bank o' america account.

black limos glide them to meetings in walnut rooms. your rusty honda won't start.

they buy their own islands. you get an afternoon at revere beach, sunburned, gnawing cold pizza.

they bid on warhols in london and geneva. you can't pay piano lessons for your kid.

they are wheeled through quadruple bypasses. you linger in the emergency room with an infected cut, waiting.

they run the world. your son is back from iraq with no legs.

all wealthocracies create a religion of owning. they infect every organ of society. they corrupt legislators (delay, abramoff). laws apply not to them (scooter is free). taxes are for suckers (warren buffet's secretary forks over a greater income percentage than the billionaire does). all media is for specious frippery and power worship (p. hilton, brit hume). add a mercenary army of the poor to extend their reich (name one senator's son on duty in baghdad).

their gospel of wealth is a theology of theft.

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C.S. said...

You got it backwards:

"they are wheeled through quadruple bypasses. you linger in the emergency room with an infected cut, waiting."

In actuality, they are whisked into a private hospital room for their infected cut, while you wait, dying of a heart attack, amidst the screams and moans of the unwashed masses in the ER's overcrowded foyer.